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SAT is an abbreviation which is pronounced S-A-T (not "sat") and it stands for Scholastic Aptitude Tests and Scholastic Assessment SAT is a standardized test used by US colleges and universities to assess the performance of students who are applying for academic study programs.

It is administered and marked by ETS (Educational Testing. Millions of students take the SAT each year as a step on their path to college. Visit our site to learn about the test, register, practice, and get your scores. We've tried to give you as realistic an experience as possible on Khan Academy with College Board-approved practice questions, timed quizzes and full-length tests, but you'll definitely want to get comfortable with taking the test "by hand." SAT Test #1, Essay section, and Scoring sheet.

SAT Test #2, Essay section, and Scoring sheet.

Sat online essay tests
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