Civil means better world does mean civilized essay element

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Persuasion vs. Force

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View Essay - to-be-civil-a-means-to-a-better-world-essay from PHILOSOPHY PHIL at Southern New Hampshire University. Religion affects people greatly.

In the epic story The Odyssey, the main. "Civilized" is a human social construct, but I will give it a shot. To be civilized is to have a decent respect for human life in that one feels the demise or suffering of another human being brought on by another is wrong and stems from some misunderstanding.

Society is not as civilized as the world may see it. The world claims to be civilized, yet violence and injustice exist everyday. The world is not perfect, but it would not hurt to strive towards perfection and civility, in order to make the world a better place.

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Civil means better world does mean civilized essay element
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